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For Bilingual Families & more

If you are a family interested in developing a second language for your child (perhaps a third?) and feel a bit lost on how to start or perhaps you started and now feel that your child is losing interest or not engaging as they used to. We can help you! We offer consultations and design plans according to each family needs in case an immersion program is not the right fit for you. 

Feel free to send us an email or give us a call to discuss how we can help your family. This consultations are for children all ages but we specialize in Early childhood as we consider it the best time to acquire knowledge for the future.

**This consultations are for families who speak ANY other language besides English. I speak several languages myself and even if Spanish is my main I can help you with all your language needs.

Consultation Packages & Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Online Consultation


Per Session

Best Package Offer

45 minute session

With this package we would schedule an online consultation over Skype  (many other platforms can be used as well) at a time that's convenient for your family and I.

This is ideal for extremely busy parents who can't make it to my home office or can't have me over at a convenient time.

We can chat and discuss what you are looking for or what you are going through and take it from there.


In Office Consultation


Per Session

Best for General Upkeep

45 minute session

With this package we would schedule a visit to my home office at a time that's  convenient for your family and I.

You are welcome to bring your partner and child so we can all chat about language goals and determine based on personality and taste what's the best program for your family to follow and personalize the experience of language development as much as possible.


In home consultation


Per Session

Best for Busy Homes

45 minute session

With this package we would schedule a visit to your home ,a local coffee shop of  your liking or just a place that's convenient for your family (or just you) and I to meet and talk about your goals and needs.

After the initial meeting I will send you report over email of what I think and how I think we should move forward. Everything is personalized according to your family needs.